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Welcome in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our hope and prayer that you will find here something to help you. This site is different from most others. The main emphasis is on audio messages. These will make it feasible for Christians who may be disabled, elderly, or those under care, or English as second language students; etc to study the Bible, and seek deliverance help.

The Navigation Bar (Nav Bar) has many options. When you make a selection, other choices may appear.

If you are looking for a certain item; type it in the search box. The available items will be listed. You can then make your choice and click to play it or download it for future use.

All material is copyright protected. You are free to use it, personally. Public performances require written permission. All files are to be used in original, and un-edited form.

Firefox and some other browsers will allow the “Play” or “download: options, while Internet Explorer (IE) and some other browsers only allow the “download” option for the “Today’s Message” and the “Audio” files.

A daily featured message is available on the top right corner of the page. This opens a new window to play the message. As long as this is not closed, it will continue to play, while you are surfing the site.

The Language Menu gives the option to open a page with translated Deliverance Material, in many different languages.

There are Bible Readings and study aids. Resources offers more Deliverance Ministry literature and Godly Spiritual Warfare material.

The Get Help Section offers many Topics listed and Deliverance Material specifically related to these Topics.

Editorials are added weekly and can also be used as tracts.

The Sermon section offers help with many Media choices; Audios, Text, Videos, You-Tube Links, and Win Worley messages when in Ottawa, Ontario.

There is a Full Numerical Library list of Deliverance Sermons and Topical Headings. Make your selection, and click to then play it, or download it for future use.

The Mass Deliverances section offers help with either  Audios or Videos, and Win Worley’s Mass Deliverance when in Ottawa, Ontario.

There is a Full Alphabetical Library list of Mass Deliverance Prayers and Topical Headings. Make your selection, and click to then play it, or download it for future use.

This site is up-dated on a regular basis, and new material is always being added.

Should you require more help or deliverance; please go to the Contact Us page.


Pastor T. John Franklin

Church of Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance

Eastern Ontario, Canada