God provides Forgiveness from the Past, Peace for Today, & Hope for the Future

through the shed Blood of His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.


2020 COS-HAD News:

Due to the sudden passing of our website Administrator & ensuing complications, much of the material we had on is no longer available. All the mp3 audio and PDF files previously on this website are currently not available.  We will be cleaning up the website over time thus many pages will have ” Pages Under Construction” on them. Also, this website is no longer powered by Evertek Solutions.


In Special Thanks to the Military we offer Special Resources.

We invite you to view the following Pages:

Get Help/Para-Military

Mass Deliverance/MD Topics/Military


Please pray about the recent situation in Ukraine & in Jesus’ name pray for God to guide, protect, & defend Christians there.


Please Pray in Jesus’ name, for Our Heavenly Father to protect & defend Persecuted Christians world wide.

Especially pray for Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, and through-out all Africa and the Middle East who are being martyred, injured, persecuted, terrorized and traumatized.



New April 2014, We are on FaceBook: Church of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance


New March 2014, Special for Elections,

In order to help Christians better Pray for Elections,

COS-HAD offers a New Page of Free Election Resources.

If there are any questions please contact us.